Holy Mother of God Eleusa church

Holy Mother of God Eleusa church, Veljusa ... Built on a rocky plateau, the monastery of the Holy Mother of God Eleusa is located in the village of Veljusa, about seven kilometers west of Strumica. The bishop Manuel of Strumica made this monastery, dedicated to the Holy Mother of God (Holy Virgin) Eleusa of Tenderness, in 1080 AD.

This place is the most visited place in all of the eastern region of Macedonia.

The monastery is important because of its architechtural layout, 11th century frecoes, floor mosaic, and the marble iconstatis. This church is important because of its architecture, mural picturesqueness, mosaic floor and the marble iconostasis. Holy Mother of God Eleusa is the only church from this period with that kind of architectural concept. In the basis it is a tetraconch (four leaved clover), and above it it’s raising an octagonal dome. The facades on the north, east, and south conch are animated with two rows of niches made of bricks.

The Veljusa monastery was visited in person by the Byzantine Emperor Alexis I Comnenus, and he was enchanted by its beauty. At certain periods of time this monastery was male, but there was also a sisterhood in Vodocha, while today is the opposite.

Painting of the church is done in three time periods. The altar, under-domed space in the nave and walls, the konhs and the chapel the painting occurred in 1085, the porch dates from 1164 and the nave is from the 19th century, with many local painting features.



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