Devil's Wall


Devil's Wall Sveti Nikole ... Devil`s Wall is a stone formation close to the village Bogoslovec, in the vicinity of Sveti Nikole and Stip.
The stone blocks are huge and till this day, noone can tell for certain if this is artificial/manmade or nature creation.

According the legend, the Devil has made a bet with God, that for only one night, he can build a wall and turn the flow of the Bregalnica river, towards the Ovce Pole and flood it. The same night, the Devil has started building the Wall and there was no doubt that he would build it by the morning, God has marked the following day a little earlier, just as the Devil was placing the last stone.

Some people do belleive that this Wall is a remain from the period of Alexander the Great, who has here, hidden his treasure, while other claim that the water in the area has ability to heal.

Next to the wall is the mountain peak named Saint John (Sveti Jovan). Lots of illegal diggers come here and search for the lost gold.


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